LoAR registerd names

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This site is designed to assist people find documentation for registering names.
It is a collation of all the name registrations for the January 2007 LoAR through to the January LoAR.
Currently it only contains the information foundon the LoAR, my intent is to add the documentation and commentary from OSCAR for these names.
Yes I am aware that people can access and search OSCAR for the same information but : The site contains an index of first names and Bynames.
I made the assumption that the "first" name was the first element of the name delineated by the first space, I acknowledge this is not always the case but I had to make a generalisation to make the site as easy to construct as possible.
I have made a considerable effort to remove all references to armoury as possible but I am bound have missed some, if you find and references to armoury please let me know.

N.B. Information from this site is not intended to and will not guarantee that a name will be registered. The intent of this site is to help people along the way to registering a name. Just because a name has been registered in the past does not mean it will be registered in the future. The knowledge and experience of the SCA college is ever evolving and may well make a name unregisterable.
Also this is a private site created and maintained by a private individual and in no way delineates the policies of the SCA College of Heralds nor the SCA at large.